Why hire Nadesan Beck?

Candid Legal Advice:
We promise to "tell it like it is." Our clients always receive open and frank advice concerning the merits and probable results of their cases or transactions. We also strive to simplify transactions for clients by making them "business-friendly" and emphasize regular client communications and upfront discussions of timing and costs of service. Our approach lets clients focus on their business strategy because they can be confident that their legal needs have been met.

Lower Fees:
Highly quality legal services are not cheap, but they do not have to be prohibitively expensive. A law firm, like any other business, must incorporate its overhead costs into the fees it charges to its clients. By keeping our size small and foregoing luxurious designer-decorated offices, Nadesan Beck is able to pass on its savings to you in the form of lower hourly fees. The firm also helps clients save money by reducing paper documents and trying to achieve economies of scale in research work. And because our attorneys are more experienced, their billing is usually very efficient, which translates into savings for clients. We also have the flexibility to offer alternative billing arrangements, such as flat fees and contingency fees.

Better Access:
We give our clients direct unfettered access to their lawyer by telephone, by email, or in person. Unlike other attorneys, we make ourselves available to meet clients at times that meet their schedule, rather than making them conform to ours. We are also able to meet clients at their location (an additional travel charge may apply).

Better Service:
We are a small law firm by choice, allowing us the ability to provide a high level of service while avoiding the impersonal approach of many larger law firms. And we are committed to providing exceptional, individualized service to every client. We do not take on more cases than we can handle and as a result, when we agree to act for a client, we agree to give that client our personal attention and commitment. Our clients do not wait a long time for us to get around to their file. In addition, we always take the time to truly understand our clients’ case, to explain the different possible strategies available to them, and to listen to their input before proceeding with a course of action.

We Understand Small Businesses:
Many small business owners decide not to contact an attorney when setting up their company, entering into a contract, or hiring employees because of concerns about the cost of legal services or that a lawyer will complicate the deal. Another potentially costly mistake small businesses make is trying to create their own legal documents by cutting and pasting sections from documents they download off the Internet. In the end, they often find they are missing important protections and agreements when they need them the most. As a small business ourselves, we are in touch with and understand your business needs. And by working efficiently and in harmony with your overall goals, we help our clients avoid undue expenses and overly complicated solutions.

Better Technology:
Our office uses state-of-the-art technology that allows us to deliver a high level of service to our clients. We take advantage of emerging legal technologies, including electronic research and electronic document management, to work in the most efficient way possible. And we use the latest technology to communicate with our clients quickly, to deliver persuasive conference and courtroom presentations, and to provide clear, well-documented billing.